Listed below are some common questions our clients tend to ask. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

QUESTION How do I order something that is not available on the website?
ANSWER We carry a number of brands in-store which are not available for online purchase. Should you wish to order any, please head on over here. Please note that we will not entertain your query if the item is already visible on our website due to the large number of e-mails and orders we receive each day.
QUESTION How can I pay for my order?
ANSWER We currently accept bank deposits to our BPI account and money transfers through PayPal. Payments must be made within 48 hours after you receive your order confirmation e-mail and proof of payment must be sent in reply to the confirmation e-mail. Otherwise, the order will be cancelled. The cutoff for payment receipt is 12:00 NN GMT+8 every Thursday. This is in order to allow ample time to process your payment and prepare your order for shipment. 
QUESTION How much do I have to pay for shipping?

It depends on your order and location. Here are our local shipping rates:

N/A – Pick-up your order at MUP Makati
Variable – Grab Express; fare to be shouldered by you upon arrival of your package. Within Metro Manila only.
PHP 180
– Within Metro Manila (9.5 x 14 in. pouch); this can fit approximately 5 small items with a total weight of up to 1kg.
PHP 220 – Provincial (9.5 x 14 in. pouch); this can fit approximately 5 small items with a total weight of up to 1kg.
PHP 300 — For MUP Mystery Boxes.
PHP 400 — Small Package (12 x 18 in. pouch); this can fit around 8 to 10 small items with a total weight of up to 3kg.
PHP 600 – Medium Package (12 x 10 x 5 in. box); this is primarily for orders with medium-sized items, e.g. 1L bottles, makeup palettes, etc.
PHP 1,200 – Large Package (14 x 10.5 x 7 in. box); this is ideal for a combination of bulky items, e.g. large brush sets, 1L bottles, hairpsrays, etc.
PHP 1,500 – Special shipping for orders including compressors. These packages are insured.
PHP 2,900 — Special shipping for orders including trolleys. These packages are insured.
Shipping rates for giant items, e.g. vanities, makeup chairs, etc., are different and are available upon inquiry. 

Here are our international shipping rates:

PHP 3000— Asia, Oceania; Small Package; this can fit approximately 5 small items with a total weight of up to 1kg.
PHP 4500— Africa, Americas, Europe; Small Package; this can fit approximately 5 small items with a total weight of up to 1kg.

Shipping rates for bulky items are available upon inquiry.

QUESTION How do you ship your items?
ANSWER We use LBC Express for orders within the Philippines and DHL for international shipments.
QUESTION When will I receive my order?
ANSWER Shipments are made every Friday. Should your payment be received after the cutoff time, it will be processed the following week and your order will be shipped the following week. We are not responsible for shipment delays due to natural disasters, traffic accidents, delays caused by the shipper, or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control, nor are we to be held liable if a shipment is lost or damaged. However, packages including items such as compressors and trolleys are insured and we will do our best to assist you should any problems arise.
QUESTION Do you accept returns and/or exchanges?
ANSWER All transactions are final. Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. However, we always ensure that your orders are well-protected before we release them. We will only make an exception to this policy should there be defects in the product caused by Make Up Pro. Requests for returns or exchanges due to mishandling on part of the buyer or because of a change of mind will be denied.